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“DMARC Certified” Certification


Hey, future DMARC specialist!

When people discovered email, they couldn’t anticipate that phishing would become a global issue for millions of users.

Our specialists designed this course to help you better understand the importance and benefits of DMARC and email protection and guide you through the implementation process.

First, you’ll learn the history and terminology of email.

Next, you’ll discover SPF to publish a whitelist and DKIM to sign your emails.

Finally, you’ll explore how to use DMARC to publish your policies for SPF and DKIM to stop hackers from sending emails from your company domain.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have to take the final quiz for the certification.

After all, if your results are good, you’ll earn your “DMARC Certified” certification and a LinkedIn badge, which you can share with your professional network.

Note:  This course is free and no degree is required.

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“EasyDMARC Compliant” Certification

This course is the next and final guide to completing your DMARC knowledge.

As you already know more about DMARC security, now is the time to use it on one of the most fully-designed all-in-one platforms.

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of DMARC Technology. You’ll learn how to create, check, and implement SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI records, read flat hard-to-understand DMARC reports, be notified in case of active phishing attacks, increase email deliverability, and improve your email infrastructure.

This program includes expert-level instructions, video explanations, and practice-based assessments, which will help you simulate real-world DMARC support scenarios that are critical for success in the workplace.

When you complete all of the sections in the course, you'll earn an EasyDMARC Compliant certification and a LinkedIn badge which you can share with your professional network.

Note: This course is free and no degree is required.

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